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You have guest over and its nice out! It would be great to light up the grill, but your deck looks like this:

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Get your deck looking like new in time for that family get together! 

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Services include:

floor board replacement

handrail replacement

deck wash




                    Our Deck Transformation Method:


Before we do any repairs on your deck, we will do a thorough examination to determine if there are any damaged wood or splinters sticking up from hand rails or floor boards. All surfaces are thoroughly washed and must be completely dried before staining or painting.

Having a well painted or stained deck with splinters sticking out at every surface is unacceptable and poses a safety hazard, that is why we  wash all wooden surfaces at very low pressure . After your deck is washed there should be no signs of uneven surfaces or splinters , which is typical of  the damages done when deck boards are washed at high pressure.

After your deck is fully dried, we will go the extra mile to sand hand rails and floor boards to ensure a smooth finish when paint or stain is applied!

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