Painting & Drywall Repairs

Let us give your interior a new look!

We will paint:




We will create:

 beautiful themes complemented by trendy wall accents

Drywall damages?

We will repair:

holes, dings dents

cracked corners 

cracked joints

Give your walls the make over they have been longing for!  We are ready  with the right team and expertise to get the job done right the first time. We will bring any room to life by making your walls and trim look like new. 

A fresh  coat of paint can work wonders and so  will our team at Scott's Home Enhancements and Repairs!

We are dedicated, experienced and ready to give you an exceptional service  that is second to none.

Completed in Stafford Landing, Fredericksburg, VA

And  whether your walls have dings, dents  or holes we  will repair your drywall defects to ensure a superb paint finish. 

Let Scott's Home Enhancements and Repairs of Fredericksburg  complete all your drywall repairs and painting projects around your home! Call 540-628-5313 to schedule now!

Completed in Hills at Aquia, Stafford, VA
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