Wood Fence Repairs

Is your wooden fence falling over ? Are your fence posts broken at their bases? Let us replace defective fence posts and boards so your fence can stand upright again! A leaning fence is dysfunctional and can be a hazard to you, your pets and neighbors. let us help you with our 3-step process!

We will give your fence a new look through our 3 step repair process:

1. Washing

2. wood replacement and realignment 

3. painting/ Staining 

Step Repair Process
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Transformation of a 20 year old fence
So you have had an old fence for years ! There are fence boards falling off, nails are popping out from the wood and some posts are definitely rotted at the base leaving your fence to lean over to your neighbors' property. Oh! Don't mention the half hung gates you struggle to lift out of the dirt just to get into the backyard. This has become a safety hazard, a bother, an eye sore and cause for complaints. You would like  to rectify the problem but is not quite ready to replace your entire fence. You don't have to! We will add years to your old fence ; reviving its overall appearance and function at reasonable rates!
Your home's curb appeal starts at your property line!